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Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is an online quarterly magazine about technology and spirituality. We are for the next generation of future seekers.

We are born out of the desire to breed and create access to future tech guided by ancient wisdom, spiritual practices and natural intelligence scattered across the globe, in order to share and inspire technology that is more creative, soulful and better for humanity. 

Today, words like wisdom, spirituality and magic have lost their meaning and often speak to vague ideals; or worse, have been co-opted for hollowed commercial gain. Yet deep ancient wisdom and ritual practices have guided the human condition and creative minds for many millennia - why not call on these forgotten histories to create a new unedited landscape.

We launch in September with our first issue and a juicy programme of monthly happenings, live events and more. Drop us a line if you want to be involved. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for all things divine and tech.

Treating technology like it's the divine in disguise.

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